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Each year for Media Literacy Week, CML collects short video clips from students, teachers, librarians and the community stating why they Commit2MediaLit. For this activity, review the Five Key Questions and Core Concepts for media producers. Producing media is an excellent way to gain valuable skills and learn the concepts of media literacy.

Show an example of a Commit2MediaLit video then create your own!

AHA!: Being media literate is about consuming and producing media.

Grade Level: 5-12

Materials: Video camera (iphone or other). Q/TIPS chart. Sample clips from students in CML’s Commit2MediaLit! Campaign and What is Media Literacy? video, if desired. 

Activity: Using iphones or a school video camera, make your own Commit2MediaLit video. Have students work together to film each other answering a specific question (choose one) and conclude each interview with an enthusiastic “Commit2MediaLit!” Each clip should be no longer than 30 seconds. Suggested questions: Why is media literacy important for young people? What age do you think media literacy should be taught in schools? What does it mean to Commit2MediaLit?

Compile the clips and post for students, teachers and parents to enjoy. This is a fun activity that teaches media literacy through media production.  Send us a copy or a link and we will post your class work to CML’s student-made media page.

The Five Core Concepts and Five Key Questions of media literacy were developed as part of the Center for Media Literacy’s MediaLit Kit™ and Questions/TIPS (Q/TIPS)™ framework. Used with permission,© 2002-2018, Center for Media Literacy.

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